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  1. Partnering for Transportation Equity

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    This month, ELP Advisors has invited a friend of the firm to share her knowledge and experience with our readers. We’re exploring how coalitions focused on transportation equity are gaining momentum in Los Angeles County to fundamentally shift how transportation investments are deployed. We’ve invited Jessica Meaney from Investing in Place to share outcomes from the nonprofit’s latest partner meeting and explain how we move to a transportation future where local investments advance social equity, public health, and environmental goals.

    Earlier this month, Investing in Place convened over 70 partners to discuss lessons learned from SB 535 (2012 de Leon), a bill on cap-and-trade investments that prioritizes housing and transportation funds for disadvantaged communities based on a data-driven framework (CalEnviroscreen). The purpose of our meeting was to discuss lessons learned as we continued to refine framework recommendations for Metro’s potential 2016 Los Angeles County Transportation Sales tax ballot measure.

    Keynote speaker Vien Truong from #GreenfromAll inspired the group with her experience and lessons learned from SB 535, and offered advice on how leaders could use this framework to inform conversations about transportation investment in Los Angeles County. Vien described the efforts of SB 535, as rooted in a “collaborative movement and partnerships,” with an inside policy game that was grounded by a community-led effort. (more…)