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  1. Universities as Economic Drivers

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    Cities and regions have long looked for ways to utilize science and technology as drivers for economic growth. One of the most successful strategies has been to use low-cost land to build research parks affiliated with research universities. Many regions have used this technology-based economic development strategy to generate sustainable technology clusters that create jobs, spur entrepreneurship, and generate economic value over the long-term. (more…)

  2. Where are the POPOS?

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    Privately-owned public open spaces are publicly accessible areas that are built and maintained by private developers. Sporting the unfortunate moniker of “POPOS,” these open spaces include plazas, terraces, atriums, and small parks, among others.  Privately-owned public spaces are common to San Francisco’s Downtown, but most spaces are difficult to find unless you’re in the know. To that point, the San Francisco Planning Department has launched a “POPOS Map,” a comprehensive database of spaces open to the public. The map even lets you narrow your POPOS searches by whether or not a space has seating, restrooms or nearby food options. Moreover, just last year, the City approved legislation requiring uniform signage to identify POPOS throughout San Francisco.