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  1. Workers Gaining More Protections

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    Recent decisions stand to fundamentally change the relationship between workers and employers. Even as the U.S. economy expands, productivity gains and GDP growth have not translated to higher wages for most workers. And with our economy’s growing reliance on low-wage workers, it’s important that labor rules and regulations offer protections for this growing class of employees. As we’ve seen successful battles waged to increase state and local minimum wages, there have also been policies put in place to help address the gender pay gap and redefine rules that make it easier for employees to organize. Likewise, an ongoing legal fight has the potential to offer contract workers more protections. As businesses increasingly rely on a contingent workforce to increase flexibility, it’s up to organized labor, advocates, policymakers, and elected officials to identify the best mechanisms to enhance worker protections. Here’s a rundown of some of their latest accomplishments. (more…)