Workforce Development


The ELP Advisors team has extensive experience in policy and program development, working with employers and sector leaders to connect targeted jobseekers to family-supporting job opportunities. Our approach includes an analysis of workforce demographics, barriers to employment, and an assessment of employer needs. In addition, we research and identify the pipeline of local resources that enables target populations to be successful, which includes resources for recruitment, case management and mentorship, work readiness, and skills training.



California Center for Sustainable Energy

California Environmental Justice Alliance

California Public Utilities Commission

Green For All

Living Cities
Green Stormwater Infrastructure

UNITE-LA/Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
STEM Network in LA County



A trained workforce is vital to the strength of our economy and prosperity of our families and communities. Historically, workforce development training programs were created independent from the overall workforce demands of a region, creating trained workers for job openings that may or may not exist. Increasingly, however, we understand workforce and economic development as a partnership between the demand side (employers), the supply side (jobseekers), and the work readiness and training pipelines that connect the two. Workforce development performs best as part of a whole sector strategy, and it is increasingly important to equip today’s workforce with the skills of problem-solving and adaptability. Further, in a time of a decreasing middle class, it is important to invest in those sectors that offer pathways for lowincome jobseekers to family-supporting careers rather than dead-end jobs in low-wage industries that trap workers in a permanent and precarious state of economic vulnerability.