Selected Project Descriptions

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG):

Park 101 Phase 3 StudyELP Advisors is part of a team providing the Friends of Park 101, City of Los Angeles and SCAG with comprehensive analysis and advisory services on a project to build a park over a portion of US Highway 101 in downtown Los Angeles. As the prime contractor, ELP Advisors is managing a team that includes CDM Smith, The Robert Group, Emerson & associates, John Kaliski Architects, SWA Group, and Economic & Planning Systems. Project tasks include updating the project study report, conducting outreach to community and public agency stakeholders, creating funding strategies, assessing development potential on adjacent parcels, and identifying critical issues and timelines.
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American Red Cross:

Prepare_LA_ReportELP Advisors worked with Red Cross staff and other experts to conduct detailed case study research, undergo a comprehensive literature review, and create disaster risk profiles for Los Angeles County. Based on this research, and with input from a research advisory committee, ELP Advisors selected vulnerability indicators and underlying metrics to create customized community profiles. ELP Advisors analyzed the appropriate datasets and crafted a detailed methodology that can be replicated in other American Red Cross Regions throughout the country.
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Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority:

burband-glendale-pasadena-airport-authorityWith design and engineering firm AECOM, ELP Advisors will help develop a transit-oriented development proposal by leading a process of intensive community engagement.

California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE):

california_center_sustainableCCSE and L.A Clean Tech Incubator (LACI) engaged ELP Advisors to perform an assessment of workforce needs in the Clean Energy/Clean Tech sectors in the Los Angeles region. The assessment was comprised of research of existing sector studies, identification of current funding opportunities for training in these sectors, and interviews with experts in the field. Based on the findings, ELP Advisors developed a series of recommendations on the direction and strategy for the programming of LACI’s Workforce Training Center at the future LaKretz Innovation Campus, projected to open in 2015.
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California Environmental Justice Alliance:

california_environmental_justiceThe California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) engaged ELP Advisors to analyze their “Green Zones” policy language and provide recommendations that could help achieve CEJA’s goals of supporting the development of green small businesses, create opportunities for green jobs, and further develop their “Green Zones” policy work. This resulted in a menu of policy options and prospective legislative language to increase overall opportunities for green economic development and workforce development in California.

California Public Utilities Commission:

ELP Advisors worked with the UC Berkeley Donald Vial Center to produce the report Workforce Issues and Energy Efficiency Programs: A Plan for California’s Utilities, which offers a detailed action plan for the investor-owned utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission to develop and engage a qualified workforce with the capacity to address the state’s energy efficiency targets. ELP Advisors developed a series of recommendations for a workforce inclusion program, that drew upon best practices across the country, in order to expand access to living wage and jobs rewarding career pathways in energy efficiency work for disadvantaged Californians.
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The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego:

LDC serves as the Coordinator of the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego. As of December 2012, the Campaign has successfully moved 33% of the most vulnerable homeless persons off the streets of Downtown San Diego and into permanent housing while linking them to rental assistance and supportive services.

Centre City Redevelopment Corporation:

centre-city-redevelopment-corporationWorking closely with the Centre City Development Corporation and its partners, LDC prepared the Five-Year Work Plan Toward Goal of Ending Homelessness in Downtown San Diego. This plan is purposefully aligned with both Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness and the Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in the San Diego Region. The Five-Year Work Plan analyzes housing and services gaps that must be addressed to effectively end unsheltered homelessness in the downtown area, and it projects the number of permanent supportive housing opportunities necessary to fully meet the need for such housing among unsheltered persons. The Five-Year Work Plan provides a structured work plan of action steps and tasks.

City of Pasadena:

city-of-pasadenaThe City of Pasadena engaged ELP Advisors to assist with the implementation of the City’s Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP). ELP Advisors facilitated discussions with a Task Force of business leaders to inform the process. The firm evaluated data sources, reports, and public testimony to cull the dozens of objectives and implementation steps in the EDSP down to achievable objectives, strategies and short-term actions. Under ELP Advisors’ guidance, the Task Force focused special attention on three key areas: (1) aligning workforce development strategies to meet the skill needs of Pasadena’s key business clusters, (2) supporting the growth and success of businesses that create new job opportunities, and (3) ensuring that Pasadena’s youth and lower income neighborhoods share in the benefits of the city’s economic activity.
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City of Napa / Napa County :

city-of-napa-napa-countyLDC conducted housing policy and planning work for the City and County of Napa, including two workshops with the City Council to help them prioritize their housing resources and create a five-year financial plan for how to best target their housing investment in a declining economy. Our work also included a joint scope with both the City and County to develop affordable housing lending program underwriting guidelines, application process and NOFA. This work entailed significant stakeholder input and coordination.

Common Ground:

In conjunction with Common Ground and the Corporation for Supportive Housing, LDC developed a Registry Week Bootcamp Training toolkit for communities participating in Common Ground’s 100,000 Homes Campaign to conduct Registry Weeks to survey their local street homeless populations, identify the most vulnerable among them and then link them to housing and services. The training materials included media and collateral materials; lining up the supply of housing and services; forming and managing a leadership team; recruiting and training volunteers; using the homeless survey instrument; organizing and conducting Registry Week; and reporting back to the communities about the data gathered. Each toolkit includes a binder with overview memos and template materials as well as discs containing digital copies of all templates and video clips.

Communities for a Better Environment:

communities-for-a-better-environmentELP Advisors is working with Communities for a Better Environment to create an implementation plan for a community-identified reuse scenario on a brownfield site in the City of Huntington Park, California.
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Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles:

community-redevelopment-agency-of-the-city-of-los-angelesLDC oversaw the formulation of a comprehensive, coordinated housing and land use 10-Year Vision and Work Plan providing a long-term road map for transforming downtown Los Angeles’ Central City East neighborhoods and accommodating the competing needs of the growing residential and business communities, including addressing issues of the concentrations of low-income housing and homelessness.

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles:

LDC performed over 30 scopes of work for CRA/LA, including feasibility studies, underwriting, analysis of entitlement issues, analysis and underwriting of joint use projects with public agencies, multi-party negotiations, project management assistance, work-out strategies, development and administration of a First-Time Homebuyer Lending Program, closing documentation, financing plans, and research and reports concerning affordable housing, transit-oriented development, joint use with public agencies and single-room occupancy hotels.

County of Los Angeles, Supervisorial District 1:

county_LA_supervisorial_dist1_32ELP Advisors is working closely with County Supervisor Gloria Molina on two exciting projects. The first is LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. For this project, ELP Advisors is assisting LA Plaza Foundation on the site-planning and development of a mixed-use project in the heart of Los Angeles. ELP is continuing to work closely with the Foundation to make this community asset a reality.
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The second project Supervisor Molina has engaged ELP Advisors is to facilitate forward-looking economic development in East Los Angeles. ELP is developing and executing a set of strategies to promote and accelerate the development of a Biomedical Corridor in East LA, near the LA County-USC Hospital and USC Health Sciences Campus. ELP is bringing together key actors from city and county government, local institutions, and industry experts to inform the process and move forward with the creation of a Biomedical Hub.

County of Los Angeles, Supervisorial District 2:

county_LA_supervisorial_dist2_33ELP is working to convene a stakeholder consortium and evaluate alternative governance structures to guide implementation of the MLK Medical Center Master Plan and Willowbrook MLK Wellness Community Vision. The consortium brings together major institutional interests in the area to identify common goals, priorities, and objectives to ultimately develop consensus around the long-term implementation and procurement plan.

County of Napa:

The County of Napa hired LDC to organize its loan and asset portfolio and create a monitoring system with a portfolio dashboard analysis, and individual summary memos that lay out the key business terms, affordability covenants, and monitoring and compliance requirements. LDC created a system for compliance letters to be sent out annually. The monitoring system is nearly paperless, with all existing documents indexed, scanned and organized on disk.

Goldhirsh Foundation:

goldhirsh-foundationELP Advisors led an 18-month research and visioning project that mapped the trajectory of Los Angeles over the next 40 years. The ELP team is working with a wide array of stakeholders on this project, including leading academics, researchers, policymakers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers to develop a comprehensive vision for Los Angeles in 2050.
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Green for All:

ELP Advisors wrote policy briefs and guides that detailed how communities can work with banks to “green” their Community Reinvestment Act portfolios. The firm also assisted in the development of a national strategy to promote green jobs development in the water sector.

Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino:

housing-authority-of-the-county-of-san-bernardinoELP Advisors assisted LeSar Development Consultants as they drafted a HUD Sustainable Communities Grant application for redevelopment of a 100-acre housing development. ELP Advisors is currently assisting with mapping available financial resources for infrastructure and strengthening linkages to transit.

Little Tokyo Service Center:

little_tokyo_34ELP Advisors advised the Little Tokyo Service Center on potential policy tools to advance the goals of the Sustainable Little Tokyo planning process. Additionally, ELP Advisors provided a survey of funding opportunities available for project implementation.

Living Cities:

living-citiesELP Advisors developed a series of recommendations for the funding consortium, Living Cities. The recommendations detailed how the City of Philadelphia could leverage its investments in green stormwater infrastructure to create family-supporting jobs for disadvantaged residents. Research included interviewing city, business, labor, and community stakeholders.
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Los Angeles Community Design Center (now Abode Communities):

adobe-commLDC, on behalf of its client, oversaw and managed the winning competitive application to Los Angeles Unified School District, featuring a mixed-use development with 45 family rental units and a 13,000-square-foot early education center that serves both pre-school and school-age students in seven classrooms on land leased from the Los Angeles Unified School District. LDC’s work included creating the deal structure and overseeing the preliminary design for the Glassell Park Homes and Early Education Center. The entire proposal was completed in less than three weeks, and required convening the development team of third-party architects and contractors, a full-blown financial analysis, preliminary site design, and assembling the application and required supporting materials. LDC managed the whole development team and completed all work, excluding the site plans.

Los Angeles County:

county-of-los-angelesELP Advisors is providing strategic guidance to Los Angeles County as they implement ABx1 26 (the dissolution of the state’s redevelopment agencies). ELP is developing materials and conducting training sessions for members of the oversight boards. ELP Advisors is also recommending approaches for organizing staff support.
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Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority:

los-angeles-homeless-services-authorityOn behalf of the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles and LAHSA, LDC wrote the 10-Year Implementation Plan to End Homelessness in the City of Los Angeles, and engaged in review process with city agencies and elected leaders. The report provides a comprehensive plan for ending homelessness tied to resources available and seeks to systematically strengthen the linkages of resources with the homeless in order to achieve steady reductions over the next 10 years.

Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation – Piggyback Yard:

los-angeles-river-revitalization-corporationELP Advisors worked with the LA River Revitalization Corporation (LARRC) and the Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) to develop a feasible acquisition strategy for a 125-acre parcel of land on the east bank of the Los Angeles River. The site is being investigated as a potential restoration/revitalization project that is compatible with existing and projected rail uses. ELP Advisors assembled a panel of technical experts to provide input and delivered a preliminary feasibility analysis for the site.

Metropolitan Water District:

The Metropolitan Water District has retained ELP Advisors to work with key stakeholders and constituencies to help broaden MWD’s audience and impact relating to infrastructure investment and economic development.

Orangeline Development Authority:

orangeline_35ELP Advisors was retained by the Orangeline Development Authority (OLDA) Eco-Rapid Transit, to craft and facilitate developer roundtables for OLDA staff to gain a broader perspective on the current residential, commercial and industrial markets around the Orangeline corridor, as well as trends that may arise as a result of the construction of the transit.
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Natural Resources Defense Council:

natural-resources-defense-councilELP Advisors is part of a team, led by NRDC and Grant Housing & EDC, working to revitalize the historic core of Watts in South Los Angeles. The Watts Re:Imagined effort ( is focusing on environment sustainability with particular attention to the intersection of sustainability and quality of life, social equity, and economic development. The project is building upon previously developed research and work plans to create a reclaimed “Main Street Watts”, implement green infrastructure along roadways to connect neighborhoods such as Jordan Downs to transit and public amenities, and increase community resilience through capacity building in health, jobs, and workforce development. ELP Advisors is, among other roles, providing strategic advice on the redevelopment of four priority sites along 103rd Street.

Resources Legacy Fund:

resources-legacy-fundELP Advisors researched and forecast the potential of proposed high-speed rail nodes throughout the State of California to generate development-supporting tax increment and bonding capacity over a 30-year period.
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San Bernardino County:

ELP Advisors is providing strategic guidance to San Bernardino County as they implement ABx1 26 (the dissolution of the state’s redevelopment agencies). ELP is developing materials and conducting training sessions for members of the oversight boards. ELP Advisors is also recommending approaches for organizing staff support.

San Diego Housing Commission:

san-diego-housing-commissionLDC is working with the San Diego Housing Commission to design and implement a more efficient Portfolio Lifecycle Management system for managing SDHC’s large, growing and diverse portfolio. The system combines the best uses of available technology and streamlines assessment and reporting of asset, portfolio and property management performance data.

LDC created the Three-Year Work Plan to Facilitate Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Development for the San Diego Housing Commission. This strategic outreach plan included assistance identifying and establishing strategically important agency and partnership relationships; identifying and structuring a workforce affordable housing development strategy; and outlining best practices by entities engaged in TOD to strengthen the Housing Commission’s ability to undertake TOD initiatives.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission:

san-francisco-public-utilities-commissionWorking with the national non-profit Green For All, ELP Advisors conducted an assessment of community, workforce development, labor, and employer resources and partnerships in San Francisco. This work was used to help the utility devise a framework that would better connect its energy efficiency investments to career ladders for disadvantaged residents.

South County Economic Development Council:

ELP Advisors is assisting South County EDC to prepare an Economic Strategy for the South County region of San Diego for the South County Economic Development Council. The goal is to create an economic vision with an economic strategy that brings together the various opportunities in South County and provides a unified vision to support future planning and development.
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Southern California Association of Governments – South Gate Rail Station Study:

southern-california-association-of-governments-1ELP Advisors worked with the Southern California Association of Governments, South Gate city officials and key stakeholders to conduct initial engagement, outreach and coordination of a half-day Community Visioning Workshop around the proposed Orangeline Development Authority station in South Gate.
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Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) – LA County TOD Access Study:

southern-california-association-of-governments-2ELP Advisors worked with SCAG and the LA County Department of Regional Planning to assess station access capacity and needs for nine transit-oriented districts in Los Angeles County. The study focused on possible transit, bike, and pedestrian connectivity between Metro transit stations and surrounding land uses.
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State of Utah:

LDC led the design and implementation of The Road Home, training curricula for staff working in housing and homeless services programs in Salt Lake County, Utah. Two trainings were conducted, one on strengthening housing first services skills with individualized goal setting and services planning and the other on strengthening housing first partnerships, coordinating property management and supportive services in supportive housing.

UNITE-LA/Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce:

ELP Advisors supported the launch of a Chamber-facilitated Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) network in LA County by identifying and evaluating potential network partners.

Urban Land Institute – Los Angeles District Council:

The Urban Land Institute’s Los Angeles District Council worked with ELP Advisors to assist with ULI’s annual Transit Oriented Development Summit and to facilitate the Council’s staffing and leadership transition. Services included coordinating with key stakeholders, reviewing conference materials, working with media outlets, and partner management.

Westside Cities Council of Governments:

westside_council_38ELP Advisors is working with the WSCCOG to assess its needs and craft customized solutions to achieve its goals. The ultimate goal is to create comprehensive solutions that help the WSCCOG advance policies and programs of regional significance and attain its long-term vision of enhancing the quality of life in the subregion. ELP’s approach is a collaborative one, with an eye to creating lasting change.