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  1. Creative Financing for Small Businesses

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    The Great Recession may technically be over, but many are still struggling to stay afloat in its wake. The retrenchment in credit by the banking industry has left all but those with deep pockets (or a concept for a mobile app) searching for capital. The search is especially arduous for small businesses looking to get off the ground. With few traditional lending options available, where do small businesses turn? (more…)

  2. Legalizing Street Vending: An Opportunity for Los Angeles

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    This month, ELP Advisors has invited another friend of the firm to share his knowledge with our readers. This time we’re exploring how the City of Los Angeles can develop a permit system for street vending. We’ve invited Rudy Espinoza of the Leadership for Urban Renewal Network (LURN) to share some insights on street vending in Los Angeles and the movement to legalize it across the city.

    By: Rudy Espinoza, Leadership for Urban Renewal Network

    Street vending is illegal in Los Angeles. This is a surprise in a city known for its vibrant street culture and diversity. The taqueros, the bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors, and even the fruit vendors we all love are technically criminals in the City of Los Angeles. In fact, Los Angeles is one of the only major cities to not permit street vending, and the sole hold-out of the country’s ten largest municipalities. (more…)

  3. Procurement for Social Justice & Economic Development

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    Hospitals, universities, municipalities, and other large institutions purchase a lot of stuff. And, in many cases, that purchasing power can be used to support local businesses, promote social justice, and foster local economic development [PDF]. (more…)

  4. Small Business Innovations

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    May 20-26 is national small business week. Here in California the news about the economy – and small businesses in particular – is a mixed bag.

    The good: the statewide unemployment rate has dipped below 11%.

    The bad: the state shed over 4,000 jobs last month.

    And the ugly: the state deficit has now soared to nearly $16 billion.

    But what does this mean for small businesses in the state? (more…)