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  1. New PERE Report on Equity in San Diego

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    Steady growth in high-tech sectors, including biotech, cleantech, and medical technology, have been a boon to the San Diego region. Between 2000 and 2010, employment in these high-skilled fields increased over 20 percent in spite of the Recession. However, this prosperity fails to reach a majority of San Diego residents. According to PolicyLink’s National Equity Atlas, San Diego ranks #62 in income inequality among the largest 150 metro regions in the United States. Higher paid, higher skilled jobs are increasingly out of reach for a growing segment of the population, and lower skilled jobs in sectors like hospitality and tourism, offer stagnant wages and little opportunity for advancement. (more…)

  2. OneNYC Focuses on Equity

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    New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recently introduced OneNYC, an environmental plan with an emphasis on economic sustainability and addressing issues of income inequality. It is the nation’s largest urban poverty reduction effort, pledging to lift 800,000 residents out of poverty, reduce racial disparities in premature mortality, and create 500,000 housing units. (more…)

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  3. New Report on Los Angeles’ Green Job Market

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    Image from Department of Energy Solar Decathlon:

    Image from Department of Energy Solar Decathlon:

    The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) have issued a report on Los Angeles’ green job market and the need for clean tech industry job training. Funding for the research and workforce analysis was provided by the Union Bank Foundation, which supports green job training and placement. (more…)

  4. Most Walkable Urban Cities

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    Smart Growth America has released a report ranking the nation’s most walkable cities. Large urban centers that are traditionally thought of as pedestrian-oriented cities topped the list, with Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston rounding out the top three. Los Angeles, with a total of 54 “walkable urban places” ranked number 18 on the list of 30 metropolitan areas. The report also accounted for projects underway that will increase walkability. Including those projects, LA moves up to the number 11 slot. For more details, check out the report [PDF].

  5. Building the Clean Energy Economy

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    A report released by UC Berkeley’s Don Vial Center on Employment in the Green Economy, and co-authored by ELP Advisors and the Career Ladders Project, recommends that California’s investor-owned utilities (the companies that supply about 75 percent of California residents with gas and electricity) must strengthen their certification and training requirements for contractors and their workers in order for the state’s energy programs to reach their efficiency goals. Moreover, the report highlights the importance of creating meaningful job opportunities for California’s disadvantaged populations – individuals residing in high-unemployment and/or high-poverty areas of the state – that help workers access jobs and family-supporting careers in energy efficiency. (more…)

  6. The Economic Status of Latinas Report

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    This month, ELP Advisors has invited another friend of the firm to share her experiences with our readers. This time we’re looking at economic development through the eyes of an influential and growing constituency. We’ve invited HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political and Economic Equality) to share some insights from their recently released report on “The Economic Status of Latinas.”

    By: Helen Iris Torres, Executive Director and CEO of Hispanas Organized for Political and Economic Equality

    Latinas comprise a vibrant and highly visible segment of California’s multi-ethnic population. They are playing a critical role in California’s economy as their numbers increase. California’s fast-growing Latino population reached over 14 million in 2010, with just under half, or 6.95 million, being Latinas. One in every three females in the state is a Latina. By 2020, Hispanics will be 40.8% of the state population. (more…)

  7. Global Infrastructure: Trends and Challenges

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    Well-planned, financed, and executed infrastructure provides a foundation for growth and prosperity for developing and developed economies alike. A joint report by The Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Ernst & Young, Infrastructure 2013: Global Priorities, Global Insights tracks major trends in infrastructure across the globe. It estimates a global infrastructure demand of $57 trillion by the year 2030, with most of the funds needed for road and power projects. (more…)

  8. Small Family Foundation with Big Ideas for LA

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    What will Los Angeles look like in 2050? While the Los Angeles Times thought 2013 might look like a futuristic Jetsons episode, one small family foundation is also generating big ideas for the future of the City of Angels. The Goldhirsh Foundation, a philanthropic organization that aims to foster new ideas and connect them with financial, social, and human capital, is taking a hard look at LA’s future. Founded by the late Bernie Goldhirsh, creator of Inc. magazine, the foundation is chaired by his son, Ben Goldhirsh, who started the GOOD Worldwide media platform. But what can a charitable organization tell us about Los Angeles? The LA2050 project is one ambitious answer.  It aims to stimulate an outbreak of idealism that strengthens civic engagement, challenges the status quo, and demands more for the future of Los Angeles. (more…)

  9. Hollywood Community Studio Report

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    After three years of research and community engagement, the Hollywood Community Studio’s (HSC) final Community Research and Engagement Report [PDF] is now available.  The HSC originated as an effort to gauge what stakeholders thought of changes to the neighborhood brought on by redevelopment projects in the last two decades. The Studio focused primarily on the Hollywood Project Area established by L.A.’s Community Redevelopment Agency in the 80s. Between 2008 and 2011 the HSC surveyed over 1,000 residents and 200 small businesses. The results speak to the cultural diversity of the area as well as the need to engage these populations in meaningful ways to help guide future public and private investment in the neighborhood.

  10. LA County General Plan Update

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    Los Angeles County’s draft general plan update has been released.

    The County’s Department of Regional Planning recently unveiled the 900-page document, which lays out new policies and plans. The update is designed to reflect the expected needs of the county based on the anticipated growth in coming decades.

    Some of the major policy highlights include expanding transit oriented development districts, promoting mixed-use development, expanding ecological areas, and creating employment protection districts.

    You can access the 2012 Draft General Plan 2035 here and review the text in preparation for public hearings, which will take place in the fall.