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  1. Los Angeles: A City Founded by Walkers

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    Can you guess which city turned 232 this month?

    This month, without much pomp and circumstance, America’s second largest city celebrated its birthday.  In a place known more for its tradition of reinventing than for exalting its history,  a nine-mile walk has evolved into the focal point of Los Angeles’ birthday celebration.   (more…)

  2. Using the Arts as a Community Building Tool

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    It began with one artist and a group of children turning an abandoned lotin a neglected, low-income, predominantly African-American neighborhood in North Philadelphia into a community art park.  It has evolved into a grassroots neighborhood revitalization effort that has spanned over two decades, extended to over 250 blocks, and is recognized as a national model for how art can be used to sparkphysical transformation and promote civic engagement. (more…)

  3. And the Winners Are. . .

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    Last month, voting wrapped up on the My LA2050 Challenge. Spearheaded by the Goldhirsh Foundation, the challenge asked residents and organizations to submit inspirational, groundbreaking, and catalytic ideas that were put head-to-head for a chance at ten $100,000 grants. (more…)

  4. “Short Term Action, Long Term Change”

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    In an era of shrinking budgets and fewer resources, tactical urbanism emerges as a way of incrementally improving the urban landscape by implementing cost-effective, small-scale projects.

    In general, tactical urbanism projects are community minded and have realistic end goals. They range from parking lot-to-parks projects, yarn bombing, to a nationwide Park(ing) Day.

    These tactics can be easily replicated in other cities, as seen in the recent release of Tactical Urbanism 2: Short Term Action, Long Term Change. The free guidebook includes 12 new popular tactical interventions, including park making, ad busting, and reclaimed setbacks. The Street Plans Collaborative is the planning, advocacy and design firm behind the guidebook.