Celebrating Gains and Some Unsolicited Advice

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Mark Twain famously quipped that “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” Oil companies may be feeling a little safer (for now) after a disappointing regular session failed to move major climate change legislation. The Governor has until October 11 to sign or veto bills that made it out of Legislature by September 11. As we draft this newsletter, the Governor has signed AB 2 (Alejo), which authorizes the creation of Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities. Could this be the long-desired, oft-rejected tool to replace redevelopment agencies? We also await the Governor’s promised signature on SB 358, California’s bid to address the gender wage gap. Next month once the ink is dry, we’ll do a round-up of successful bills addressing social equity, transportation, housing and economic development issues. For now, we celebrate gains by workers, promote transportation equity in Los Angeles and offer unsolicited advice to California’s big city mayors on what they should do to lead on affordable housing. Summer’s over – let’s get back to work on the issues that really matter.


Cecilia V. Estolano, Jennifer LeSar, Katherine A. Perez-Estolano

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