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  1. Battle of the Ages or Not?

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    What do baby boomers and millennials share in common?  A love for urban living!  In this month’s issue, we look at how urban lifestyles and all of its amenities have become the lifestyle of choice for both population cohorts.  Interestingly as this shift has occurred, so has the attitude about urban freeways.  Once seen as a sign of progress, freeways running through urban cores are now on the chopping block.  Cities are tearing them down to reclaim open space and create new parks for residents seeking to live in newly spruced up downtowns.  In a related matter, our final article examines the issue of affordable housing.  As the pool of funds and financing tools continue to diminish, experts are struggling to identify solutions to keep production up with demand.  Maybe the battle of the ages has come to an end and now that cities are welcoming young and old alike.

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    Cecilia V. Estolano | Jennifer LeSar | Katherine A. Perez-Estolano

  2. Removing Urban Highways and the Ongoing Freeway Revolt

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    Long Beach is becoming the first Southern California city to join the urban freeway removal trend. The city recently released a request for proposals for the Terminal Island Freeway (I-103) Plan, which proposes to remove the northern portion of the freeway and transform it into a greenbelt and (much smaller) roadway. But even as Southern California begins to make better use of land dedicated to underutilized highways, traffic congestion still has the region embroiled in decades-old battles about freeway expansion. (more…)

  3. Taking a Second Look at Affordable Housing Costs in California

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    Last month, California’s affordable housing leaders convened to discuss the findings of a statewide study that looked at opportunities to create more cost-efficient affordable housing developments. Issues of distributing scarce affordable housing dollars to the neediest areas in the state and questions about changing the process that developers use to apply for tax credits came to the fore. (more…)

  4. Urban Living: The Tug of War Between Millennials and Baby Boomers

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    Let’s talk about millennials and baby boomers. They’re two generations that are the subject of endless think pieces that can pretty much be summed up as “kids today!” or “they just don’t understand!” But even as the common narrative paints these two groups as warring factions, in the context of urban living, the priorities for both generations are surprisingly aligned. As the generational wars rage on and debate swirls about each group’s respective work ethic, age-appropriate behavior, and character flaws, there’s one realm where these two generations share one common interest – the pursuit of urban living. (more…)

  5. A Red Carpet Debut for San Francisco’s Market Street

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    Last month, San Francisco’s designated transit and taxis-only lanes received a red carpet makeover on Market Street between 5th and 12th Streets. The brightly-hued treatments are part of the city’s latest effort to improve visibility and keep motorists out of these lanes. (more…)

  6. President Signs the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

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    Job-seekers will have better access to employment opportunities now that President Obama has signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (H.R. 803). The bill, which takes into effect in July 2015, is an update to improve the 1998 Workforce Investment Act (WIA). It provides job-seekers with education, training, and support services that are matched to the qualifications demanded by employers who are looking to recruit skilled workers. (more…)