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  1. Cali-Baja Rising

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    The federal government is back up and running and our nation has managed to avoid yet another fiscal crisis – hooray! While we enjoy the temporary reprieve from the brinksmanship that has come to characterize politics in Washington, we also look back at California’s last legislative session. The California Legislature and the Governor have been busy passing bills that put the state on a more progressive course. Among other things, the state has increased wages for many low-income Californians, affirmed prevailing wage policies, supported clean energy incentives, addressed issues related to housing and homelessness, and increased safety for cyclists. We’re looking forward to the next legislative session, with the hope that the legislature will tackle issues of local economic development in the wake of redevelopment’s demise and address the looming prospect of CEQA reform. With the prospect of a more friendly policy environment on the horizon, this month we take a look at the rising prominence of the San Diego-Baja California region as an international hub for manufacturing and trade. We look at how philanthropic groups are partnering with cities to find new ways to test good ideas. And we look at examples of how large institutions can use their purchasing power to promote social justice and foster economic development. These stories remind us that even in the face of political uncertainty and a nascent economic recovery, great ideas are still being put into practice.

  2. San Diego-Baja California: A Rising Hub for Manufacturing & Trade

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    Image from PNNL - Pacific Northwester National Laboratory:

    Image from PNNL – Pacific Northwester National Laboratory:

    Mexico is beginning to see a widening cost advantage over China as a manufacturing center, which is good news for the U.S., and potentially great news for the San Diego-Baja California region. (more…)

  3. Partnerships at the Forefront of Innovation

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    Image from PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

    Image from PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:

    Most cities are grappling with limited resources to fund economic development initiatives. Recognizing this persistent trend in local governance, philanthropic organizations are increasingly looking to partner with cities, institutions, and non-profits to test drive ideas with potential to stimulate economic growth, bolster civic engagement, and promote energy efficiency. (more…)

  4. Procurement for Social Justice & Economic Development

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    Hospitals, universities, municipalities, and other large institutions purchase a lot of stuff. And, in many cases, that purchasing power can be used to support local businesses, promote social justice, and foster local economic development [PDF]. (more…)

  5. Stories the Rethink Work

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    For nearly 50 years, the UCLA Labor Center has been a source for research, advocacy, education and policy related to the labor movement in Los Angeles and Southern California. Now, the Labor Center is taking to the airwaves with the creation of their new radio show Re:Work, a show that looks at the often untold stories behind the labor movement.  (more…)