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  1. Los Angeles: A City Founded by Walkers

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    Can you guess which city turned 232 this month?

    This month, without much pomp and circumstance, America’s second largest city celebrated its birthday.  In a place known more for its tradition of reinventing than for exalting its history,  a nine-mile walk has evolved into the focal point of Los Angeles’ birthday celebration.   (more…)

  2. Using the Arts as a Community Building Tool

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    It began with one artist and a group of children turning an abandoned lotin a neglected, low-income, predominantly African-American neighborhood in North Philadelphia into a community art park.  It has evolved into a grassroots neighborhood revitalization effort that has spanned over two decades, extended to over 250 blocks, and is recognized as a national model for how art can be used to sparkphysical transformation and promote civic engagement. (more…)

  3. Question: The Shared Economy, Good or Bad?

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    During our brainstorming session for this issue, the ‘shared economy’ emerged as a timely and hot topic.  Given the explosion of the term and its application in cities around the world, it was top of mind here at our snazzy downtown LA office.  However, it became immediately clear that not everyone at ELP Advisors shared the same opinion of this evolving issue.  So, this month we decided to give our readers a Point – Counter Point ala ELP Advisors about an emerging issue with which local governments will have to deal sooner or later.  So here you go… (more…)

  4. Mapping Los Angeles County’s Urban Agriculture

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    A group of graduate students in urban planning at UCLA, including former ELP employee Jaemi Jackson, has created the first map of urban agricultural activity in Los Angeles County. The group utilized public records, personal interviews, and sophisticated surveying methods to produce an interactive map of every formal urban agriculture site in the county. The group found 1,261 “verified urban agricultural sites,” with over half of the sites located in schools. The other sites include community gardens and commercial agricultural operations. (more…)

  5. Seeing Green

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    Green For AllLAND studio, and Cleveland State University collaborated on a study of green infrastructure investments by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD). The study, entitled Seeing Green, evaluated the green infrastructure maintenance training and workforce development opportunities in Northeast Ohio. (more…)